Cooking for a family can be stressful. Believe us...the Carithers' know! Between kids extra curricular activities, running our own family business, out of town extended family, and all the other things that fill today's modern family calendar, finding time to cook can be stressful and challenging! And budget is always a concern when you are filling several tummies, but don't let all those challenges stop you from creating memories in the kitchen with your family. When we think back on our own childhoods, memories with our parents in the kitchen are some of the best ones we have; and cooking as a family, whether that is a family of 2 or 10, is a perfect way to open up relaxed dialogue and build relationships.

Willy's wife Samantha knows the daily stress that families can face, but is a firm believer that clean, home-made food is not only good for the body, but also for the relationships in the family. "Once you get your kids in the kitchen, they just start talking! I don't know what it is about the kitchen, but it is a warm, 'safe-place' that seems to nourish people in their bodies and their souls. Great discussions happen in the kitchen and around food." Making the time in our week for this bonding may seems challenging, but so worth it! "You would think that your kids would be content texting on their phones or watching the latest social media clip, but it is amazing how often they want to be in the kitchen. If I put dough or a block of cheese in front of them to grate, they trade it for their phone in a heartbeat!" Come in to Willy's today to find out how to feed all the bodies and souls in your household!

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