Willy's Clean Chicken

Willy’s expects the highest standards in the chicken we offer to you and your family. With these qualities in mind, Willy’s is proud to offer poultry from Springer Mountain Farms. The farm is located in the Northeast Georgia Mountains which provide the comfortable living conditions and fresh mountain water that young chickens require. Spring Mountain Farms does NOT buy eggs or chickens from foreign countries, so you know they are controlling the health and quality of every chicken produced. Three generations of chicken farming produces a quality chicken, which you as the consumer will be able to see and taste. Willy’s would accept no lesser quality for our customers and our own family. Springer Mountain Farms knows how to raise poultry and they believe that the diet and living conditions of every bird is the key to the health and quality they have come to expect.



• Pesticide free feed

• Vegetarian feed

• Corn and soybean feed

• No antibiotic feed and bird

• No growth stimulant feed and bird

• No hormone feed and bird

• No animal byproduct feed

• Feed tested consistently by FDA certified lab for nutrient content, mold, and contamination

• Exceed standard of “organic” feed


• June 2001 certified by American Humane Association (1st farm in world)

• No cages

• Free range

• Protection from predators and diseases from other species of birds

• Sun access

• Clean water access

• Fresh air access

"Springer Mountain Farms is a family owned business that has been raising chickens for over 40 years. Years ago in the hills of Northeast Georgia our founders started selling chickens in the back room of their grocery store. They built the company on strong values and kindred relationships within the farming community, and all of the farmers take great pride in what they do. Farmers with up to forty years of experience and third generation families contribute hundreds of years of wisdom to raising the finest chicken on the market today. Over the years, we have studied and learned a great deal about the benefits of better animal care, better living conditions, and more stringent biosecurity practices. That enabled Springer Mountain Farms to become the first poultry producer in the world to gain the endorsement of the American Humane Association under their American Humane Certified program. With that extra care, our chickens are raised on a vegetarian diet without the use of antibiotics. Today, Springer Mountain Farms continues to look for better ways to preserve health and nutrition, provide care for our chickens, protect the environment and invest in the long-term livelihood of our farmers. We exercise great care in all that we do, and we know you'll be able to taste the difference. 'Great Care. Great Taste.'"

You can read more about Springer Mountain Farms at www.springermountainfarms.com

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